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CNU Alert: The Christopher Newport University Emergency Policy Group continues to track the winter storms that are forecasted to impact Hampton Roads beginning tomorrow evening. The National Weather Service has predicted 1-2 inches of snow Thursday into Friday with a second storm adding up to an additional 6 inches through Saturday. Therefore, Thursday, January 20, 2022 Classes will continue online. Employees are advised to consult with their supervisors to invoke liberal leave, telework or adjusted schedules beginning at 2pm. Students are encouraged to return to campus before the anticipated storms if possible. Friday, January 21, 2022 Classes will continue online. Limited services will be available on campus. Designated employees should contact their supervisors to determine work requirements. Non-designated employees who are able to telework are expected to do so. Saturday, January 22. 2022 Campus is closed. Limited services on campus. Designated employees should contact their management and grounds teams facilitate supervisors to determine work requirements. Returning students should expect delays as our facilities snow removal.

Updated: 01/19/2022 7:07 PM

Christopher Newport University's Emergency Notifications System:

There are two primary electronic communication methods.

In the event of a real-time emergency (tornado, shooter, etc...) where students, faculty and staff need to take immediate action, a text message will be sent via this alert system. Other system components such as, email, calls to landline and cell phones, social media, and internal computer overrides may also be used. This type of communication will go to all individuals registered in the cnualert system.

In all other cases where there is not an emergency or immediate threat, information will be sent by email to Christopher Newport University students, faculty and staff via the email system. This notification is intended only for members of the Christopher Newport University community who attend classes or work on campus so that they may make plans regarding their daily activities.