CNU is operating under normal conditions.

Updated: 10/10/2017 2:49 PM

On Saturday, October 14, IT Services will update the University Police phone system. As such, the emergency phone number, 594-7777, will not be functional from 8 a.m. until noon. If you need to contact University Police for any reason during this time, please use the following phone numbers:

(757) 594-8554 - Off Campus

4-8554 - On Campus

In the event you do not have these temporary numbers readily available, please call 911 and the Newport News Communications Center will direct your call accordingly.

Christopher Newport University's Emergency Notifications System:

There are two primary electronic communication methods.

In the event of a real-time emergency (tornado, shooter, etc...) where students, faculty and staff need to take immediate action, a text message will be sent via this alert system. Other system components such as, email, calls to landline and cell phones, social media, and internal computer overrides may also be used. This type of communication will go to all individuals registered in the cnualert system.

In all other cases where there is not an emergency or immediate threat, information will be sent by email to Christopher Newport University students, faculty and staff via the email system. This notification is intended only for members of the Christopher Newport University community who attend classes or work on campus so that they may make plans regarding their daily activities.