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Updated: 09/20/2021 10:09 AM

System Components

The Emergency Notification System uses several components to alert the CNU and neighboring community:

  • Siren / Public Address – an audible siren and public address system has been installed on campus. The system sirens can be heard in the community for up to one mile and the public address can be heard up to 0.5 mile away from the speakers. The unit can be activated by University Police.
  • Website -  the University maintains an off-campus website through a private vendor. This site,, is the primary communication source of emergency information for the campus community. In the event of an emergency, the website will be updated with news, information and protocols.
  • Text messaging – members of the CNU community may register for a text messaging service. Subscribers are notified when emergency conditions exist on campus. The system requires mandatory registration at no cost to the CNU community.
  • Email messaging – the University email system will be used as a source of official emergency news, information and protocols.
  • Telephone broadcast – all digital telephones on campus  are equipped with a broadcast feature. Information Technology Services or University Police personnel can activate this feature to broadcast a live emergency message or information update through the telephone system to every telephone on the system.
  • Telephone voice mail – all digital telephones on campus are equipped with a voice-mail feature. Information Technology Services or University Police personnel can activate this feature to leave a voice mail message simultaneously for all system users.
  • Channel 9 – this feature will be used to broadcast official emergency news, information and protocols on the CNU television system.
  • Information Desk – the University Information Desk is housed in the David Student Union. The telephone system used by the Information Desk can be configured from off-campus locations to provide a voice mail message to callers regarding an emergency.